Hello! My name is Târnăveanu Alex, I have graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Physical Education and Sports profile and my specialty is the creation of a healthy lifestyle and the creation of the “perfect body”.

The coaching can be provided online or in the gym


Custom diet + training plan with permanent guidance


I motivate you throughout your workout for maximum performance

In the gym

Custom diet + training plan with updates to each workout



I offer you effective tips that will help you to make day-to-day workouts better

Results & clients

Trust is important in our collaboration

With trust, we can push through the ups and downs because getting to your goals is not a straight line. But I am here for you, and we can adapt everything to your need, not to your desire! Let’s Start.

Testimonials. Happy clients.

“Alex is an amazing personal trainer who makes training fun and interesting instead of a boring chore. He cares most about you learning the right approach to food and exercise, making sure you’re aware that nutrition is 99% of your results and that good technique is more important then how often you can repeat a certain exercise. With him as a trainer I can guarantee you will make progress and achieve great results!”

Alicja Dzwonkowska

“Training with Alex has changed my life for the better. I needed help because I packed on some weight that I couldn’t shake after college. His passion for life and health is infectious, and he really drives you to make a lifestyle change that works best for YOU. He helps you navigate what food works for you, and those that don’t. I’ve never felt defeated after a workout with Alex. He’s motivating, positive and understanding of where you are that day.”

Andrei-Vasile Cornea

“A dedicated sports enthusiast, very ambitious and a well prepared coach who patiently offers you all the explanations, on performing the exercises and in terms of nutrition, both components properly linked to achieve the results that appear very soon! A coach who knows how to offer personalized advice and motivation to overcome your limitations, being himself an example to follow! And last but not least, tonic and with sense of humor!”

Adriana Beian

Choose the right plan for you




Slim down/bulk up.
You get diet and
workout plan
for 1 month
tailored to your needs.

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Permanent guidance 1 month,
changes in your workout
and nutrition plan. Talk one
on one when you need it,
lots of tips and tricks.

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Personal training
in the gym +
diet plan and
exercise form

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The benefits of working with me

More energy to be able to do the things you want

Less centimeters to fit in the jeans that you want

Learn how to eat and what to choose every day and when you have an event

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am a vegetarian?

Your diet will be tailor made for you, depending on your preferences, allergies and so on.

How fast will I see my results?

It depends on your goals. I am a strong believer that we should have a healthy lifestyle not just short term gains. I can get you ready on a short term also but afterward we need to keep a healthy lifestyle.

How long does it take to get my program?

It takes between 2-3 days.

What if I have more questions after purchase?

My personal account will be given to you and you can ask any time.


Online coaching. Training plan. Nutrition. Effective tips. Results.

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